Summer 2021 Classes

Welcome to the SUMMER ART plans for 2021. I am so thrilled that I have been able to book some fantastic venues for the summer workshops and will be adding even more as soon as I get the dates confirmed.

Why art classes this summer?

After the past 18 months I think we all need some fab things to do this summer. I am hoping that my workshops are something to get excited about doing, something to look forward to. Art can help us recover and reflect on what we've all been through. It has a big impact on our physical as well as mental health. Stress, anxiety and worry often manifest in a poorly tummy, aches and pains, fatigue and a rubbish night's sleep to name but a few. Regularly participating in creative pursuits gives us many benefits. Let me list some for you now:

  • Improve cognition and brain function

  • Develop self -awareness

  • Improve self-esteem with a sense of accomplishment

  • Increase coping and social skills

  • Emotional resilience and self-regulation

  • Self-reflection

  • Relaxation

  • Looking at things from a different point of view

  • Soothing, repetitive processes

  • Making someone you love something special

  • Sharing your journey with friends and loved ones

........I honestly could keep going forever! I hope you find a class you want to join in this summer and that I can help you start or continue on your creative journey.


Classes are in 3 groups


Mini Humans (5+)

Young Humans

Older Humans 


Make sure you scroll down to see everything that is going on! Numbers are very limited so do book as soon as you are able, if you need a flexible way to pay or help with finding money for classes get in touch and I will do my best to help :-)

See you soon!


Kerry x x x x 

Monday 9th August 10-12 Grindon Community Church Hall

Colour and Chameleons; a painting and collage workshop

A wonderful workshop based on the work of Eric Carle. We will be using the book ‘The mixed up chameleon’ to create large painted and drawn papers that we will then cut and glue into a collage sketchbook and 2d chameleon. Perfect for keeping young ones entertained this summer! This workshop will develop hand-eye co-ordination and increase social skills as the children talk about their ideas then work independently on their art creations. Drawing and creating improves cognition and self-awareness in young children and gives them a sense of self confidence. Eric Carle encouraged children to explore colour and texture and that is what this workshop will be all about!


Mini Humans


Friday 27th August 10-12 Grindon Community Church Hall

Under the sea; a drawing and painting workshop


Help me create an underwater landscape inspired by our wonderful beaches and coastline using oil pastels and watercolour paint. We will look at nautical objects to inspire us from the handling collections and read ‘Barry the fish with fingers’ by Sue Handra and ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks as inspiration for our work. We will be using metallic watercolour paint (that should in theory wash out) however old clothes would be preferable or please do bring along an apron if you have one. We will have a splashing good time!

£7 pp CLICK HERE TO BOOK         Sibling discounts apply

Young Humans

Tuesday 27th July 1-3pm Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Drawing and Sketching- How to make the thing look like the thing!


Tuesday 10th August 1-3pm Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Natures textures and patterns; exploring pastels and charcoal.

Ever wanted to learn how to make your drawings come alive with texture and detail? Then this is the arty workshop for you! We will learn how to choose the correct material for the job as we experiment with oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal and graphite to create unique artworks based on the nature all around us at the Winter Gardens. All materials are included in the workshop.



Thursday 26th August 1-3pm Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Lions, llamas and lizards; painting workshop

Every time I visit the Winter Gardens I go and say ‘hi’ to Wallace the lion. I have loved him since we first met back in the 1980s! This workshop is based around painting lions, llamas and lizards in his honour! We will be drawing our animals using photographs and oil pastels and then painting on top using liquid watercolour to create amazing textured and patterned works of art. This workshop will develop skills in accuracy in observational drawing as well as unleashing colour and creativity with the paint! The workshop will allow children to make new friends and connections as they work together (at a safe social distance of course) to relax and have fun with art. Wallace will be thrilled!! We will have a ROARSOME time!

£10pp CLICK HERE TO BOOK (Sibling discounts apply)

lion watercolour.jpg

Older humans

Tuesday 27th July 10-12 Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Wonderous water; watercolour techniques



Tuesday 10th August 10-12 Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens


Mixing and Tone; a colour workshop

Our lives are full of colour and this workshop is based around learning about the huge possibilities and amazing choice that can be found in understanding how to blend and mix colour. We will use a limited palette to improve our knowledge and create quick reference guides/flip books to use when we are painting. In watercolour painting we alter the tone of colour by adding water and so having a good understanding of how this affects the colour means that you will always mix up enough in a batch for washes and detail work. It is a busy little session that will result in a dramatic shift in how you think about and use colour in your work. Bring your own paints and brushes, if you do not have any just let me know and I will bring some along for you to borrow. All paper and extras are included in the cost. I will bring along a few extras that you can purchase on the day too. Let’s get the colours flowing !


colour mixing.jpg

Thursday 26th August 10-12 Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Printmaking; Nature and our planet

This workshop is an introduction to printing techniques. We will use objects inspired by the winter gardens natural history collection and our planet to draw, imprint, ink up and print single or 2 colour prints that are thought provoking and impactful. Printing is an extremely cathartic, physical art form which offers surprise and often magical mistakes that create unique and exciting designs. You can turn your prints into cards, framed art, or gifts. WARNING - printing is highly addictive and offers a fast and immediate response to our arty feelings and ideas!! Sounds absolutely perfect doesn’t it ?!


Group booking discounts apply if you are coming along with friends or siblings.

nature print.jpg