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Events & Workshops

We run classes for children on a weekend and in the school holidays. We also hope to run after school clubs in 2023/2024 so watch this space for more opportunities to learn.

Adult classes are held at various times, week days, weekends and evenings so be sure to check the dates and times of classes and courses before booking.

Early Learning


I offer workshops in nursery / playgroup settings specialising in mark making and messy play. I can tailor sessions to suit a theme or topic and can work in a variety of age appropraite materials. 

Ages 5+

Saturday art club and school holiday art club.


Saturdays are the best time to pop in and join in an art club. Each session is repeated at different times of the day to fit around any other activities your family may have planned even if that is just a lie in ! Sessions range from textiles and faashion to sculpture and pokemon. All sessions have a skills based activity around a popular theme. There really is something for everyone.

Ages 14-18

School holiday clubs


Want to do more art now that the holidays have arrived? Want to make sure your teenager is kept busy in their time off from school? These sessions have a much more relaxed feel and offer a more mature environment for these budding artists to develop their skills in.

Art for adults 18+ 


In choosing classes for adults I tend to try and listen to my customers and work the event planning around their current interests. I offer workshops in everything from experimental watercolour classes to simple drawing with a HB pencil classes! Look on our adult classes page to see more detail and prices.

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